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March 20, 2020
March 20, 2020 GeraldFerreira

Today we received some news coverage on ENCA for the Virtual Reality Boardroom software that we are developing. We have recently started with trails of the Virtual Reality Boardroom software. The Virtual Reality Boardroom VR software offers users the opportunity to remotely log into a Virtual Reality boardroom and have their meetings inside Virtual Reality.

How does the Virtual Reality Boardroom VR software work?

For the first version of the Virtual Reality Boardroom VR software users will need to have access to a Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE or Mixed Reality Virtual Reality headset. However we are constantly developing the software to work with multiple input devices like Smartphones, Desktop Computers and IOS. This will allow people to use the software with Virtual Reality devices or without Virtual Reality devices.

  • Users put on their Virtual Reality headsets.
  • If it is the users first time experience in the Boardroom they can create a custom avatar  to represent them inside the Boardroom VR experience.
  • Once inside virtual reality navigate to the BoardroomVR software and open it.
  • When the boardroom VR software opens users will be inside a virtual reality boardroom.
  • The administrator will create a Boardroom meeting and invite the users participating in the boardroom meeting into the meeting.
  • Users will then need to accept the invitation, once accepted they will go to the Virtual Reality Boardroom meeting.
  • In the boardroom they can now participate in meetings.
  • The current supported virtual reality devices offers 6DOF of freedom. This means that users can interact in the Virtual Reality Boardroom similar to how they do in the real world. They can interact with the people inside the boardroom and the objects in the boardroom, talk inside the boardroom, watch videos inside the boardroom, presentations and websites.
BoardroomVR logo

BoardroomVR logo



Screenshot from inside the Virtual Reality Boardroom. Here one of the participants are doing a presentation on the big screen.

Boardroom Meetings in Virtual Reality

Boardroom Meetings in Virtual Reality

Screenshot of 4 people inside the Virtual Reality Boardroom Experience.

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